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Welcome to AntiSocial Disorder!

So, first off, to explain the name. This guild originated as the name of Dark Advisory in May of 2010. Through some difficult, real-life events of the guild's leaders, the guild went on hiatus for a while. After our idle time, our loyal members decided to go for a fresh start. Therefore, the guild was reformed under a new name, with the same leaders and co-leaders. The name, once mentioned, stuck with us as we are completely the opposite of it's name. We are a very social guild, with completely no drama, no harsh requirements, and no strict settings. That part will never change.

Next, what we plan to become.
As always, our guild helps our members with quests. We are not a particularly large guild at the moment. However, we random together with other members of close levels, and do not take the game too seriously. We run heroics with our level 80 players to help gear, and one day plan to form raiding teams for very casual, laid back raiding. Since the game is getting filled with gear-score and achievement requirements, inexperienced (or under experienced) raiders are preferred. What we are basically looking for, is a group of members looking for nothing but fun, and who do not care about simple player mistakes or slow progress, though we will not keep people in raiding teams who can not simply stay out of fire =) .
Our guild, though active, is compiled of players with busy or stressful lifestyles, who come together on the game to forget our daily lives and simply have fun and relax. We keep the guild strictly no-drama, and will not recruit any elitist raiders. While that is not a problem, we are not wanting to create any stress for the guild, and only look to raiding for extra fun, laughs, and an additional guild event. We will start easy, with Naxxramas and Vault of Archavon, and move on from there.
We are looking for members levels 60 through 80 (although every level is welcome, and all alts are welcome as long as they remain somewhat active). Fresh to 80, we will run random heroics daily to help with basic T9 gear. Old World and BC raids may be run for simple coordination techniques, and of course for the fun.

Once the guild has a higher amount of active players, guild events will become regular as well. Event and Recruitment Officers would become greatly appreciated.
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The guild website is now active!

AdmireTB, Sep 2, 10 10:51 PM.
Please keep up to date on the website, and make sure our new members are aware of it when they join!
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Thorium Brotherhood (RP)
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Death Knight
Blood (500)
Frost (500)
Unholy (500)
Balance (500)
Feral (500)
Restoration (500)
Beast Masters (500)
Marksmanship (500)
Survivalists (500)
Arcane (500)
Fire (500)
Frost (500)
Holy (500)
Protection (500)
Retribution (500)
Discipline (500)
Holy (500)
Shadow (500)
Assassination (500)
Combat (500)
Subtlety (500)
Elemental (500)
Enhancement (500)
Restoration (500)
Affliction (500)
Demonology (500)
Destruction (500)
Arms (500)
Fury (500)
Protection (500)
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